Mark Ayckbourn

Relaxed, personable, & comfortable in any situation.

I believe that growth and stability can be achieved in many ways, including simply having a fresh pair of eyes with unique experiences.

Strong leadership skills, as well as the ability to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to achieve business objectives.

Communication skills to effectively communicate with internal and external stakeholders. Including customers and investors.

Visionary, to look beyond the current structure and opportunities and help drive the business into new and developing opportunities.

Motivation expertise to set strategic team direction and make important business decisions.

Understanding of the business financials and direction, to allow for growth driving decisions.

Experience in business growth through increasing revenue, staff additions, processes and policy implementation, and cost cutting through due diligence and acumen.

Sales and Marketing expertise. Responsibility for identifying new opportunities and developing ways to achieve growth.

Strategic thinking to develop long term plans that align with the businesses vision, goals and objectives.

Analytical skills analyse data and make data driven decisions to improve performance.

Negotiation skills allowing effective communication with customers and business partners to achieve mutual beneficial outcomes.

Strong project management skills to lead cross-functional teams and ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

Financial acumen. Ensure projects and development for growth are clearly calculated and allow for projections and forecasting.  


A proud father and committed family man, with an active passion in Martial Arts. Achieving my Black Belt in Taekwondo. 

Art enthusiast, gym user, up & down golfer and amateur footballer.