A little about my past experience

I have been lucky enough to help a number of different businesses within multiple industries and sectors. I'm happy to talk though anything specific with you, but for a small section overview, please see below:- 

Design & Manufacturing

Director & COO   

20 years

A founding partner in a Design & Manufacturing business specialising in silicone, plastics & electronics.  Created to produce OEM collections for the thriving Sexual Wellness industry, from small start up’s to Global Mainstream organisations. 

I was responsible for the daily operation, orchestrating the product development, engineering and the manufacturing process with over 350 staff spanning across 4 countries. 

Forward planning the client / programme landscape to ensure lead methodologies are incorporated in the day-to-day operations, ensuring stability, growth and market leading innovation for our customers.  

·       Identifying, developing the implementation of a business strategy, in an evolving landscape where multiple changes were needed due to the fast pace industry growth.

·       Cultivating the company’s reputation in the market with customers and suppliers. Making our brand a trusted business Worldwide within the industry.

·       Creative pioneer, with responsibility for product, engineering and manufacturing operations, winning multiple awards for technology, branding and design.

·       Creator of numerous global patents & award winning technology innovations for clients within one of the fastest growing sectors since mobile phones.  

·       In charge of leading, motivating and developing the management team of 14 senior staff.

·       Building client relationships Focusing on revenue, continuous improvement and profitability growth. Growing year on year to $20m turnover with an EBITDA of $3.8m

·       In-depth understanding of delivering operational change and financial acumen.

·       Oversee expenditure across the business. Controlling budgets, implementing policies, and improving financial processes.

Brand Creation & Development

Founding Partner & COO

4 years

A dedicated digital & print design agency. Specialising developing unique technology driven projects to ensure our clients were talking directly to their customers. 

Building a team of skilled visionary professionals with expertise in digital and print design, ensuring high-quality designs that communicate a brand's message effectively.

Maintain consistency across all digital and print design elements was critical.  Ensuring that all materials reflect the brand's visual identity and values.

By outsourcing design work to a dedicated agency, businesses can save money by avoiding the need to hire and train in-house designers.

A primary goal was to ensure our dedicated design team would handle all aspects of our clients design work, from concept to final delivery, freeing up time for them to focus on their core competencies.

We worked with both small start-ups & large multinational organisations to create marketing and advertising plans that focused on solutions to design challenges and helping them stand out in a crowded marketplace.

 I was responsible for developing new client / stakeholder business relationships, while allowing our inhouse team to develop bespoke brands and products for the health sector and fashion industries.

·       Development of a bespoke linear path permitting clients to invest in the market utilising our expertise.

·       Proactively generated business through new relationships who had never sort business within our sector.

·       Developed strategic direction and business plans to implement into new industries.

·       Branding & product design to drive profitability and seek new ways to further develop future strategic direction..

·       Launched an innovative Service management application for existing AND new clients.

·       Control of daily operations to drive success through monitoring efficiency, quality, contract service / product delivery.